What started for Megan Holmes as a final assignment in college has become a thriving ministry, teaching women to find the beauty and purpose in even our darkest moments in life.

How Megan turned a final class project into a ministry teaching women to find purpose in any situation

Q: What is She Lives Purposefully?

A: She Lives Purposefully is a Bible based purposeful living resource for women. We share regular blog posts, as well as Bible studies and just launched the She Lives Purposefully podcast. We also have a sweet community on Instagram. The purpose of all of it is to encourage women that they have purpose, different seasons of their lives have purpose and every day has purpose. We want them to live intentionally as the Lord would have them live, instead of allowing the days to just pass by. I started this platform a couple years ago. It’s been a busy few years building it up, but I’m grateful to have two other women who have helped behind the scenes to get it to where it is today.

Q: You also have a full-time job, so how do you fit it all in?

A: My ultimate goal would be to someday have She Lives Purposefully be my ‘9 to 5’. Right now, I work in PR and marketing for a nonprofit in my area. I love it and love the organisation’s heart and mission. I handle website management, social media, press releases – the whole nine yards for them. So for me, it’s PR and marketing by day, and then by night and on the weekends, I handle She Lives Purposely.

How Megan turned a final class project into a ministry teaching women to find purpose in any situation

Q: What was the inspiration behind this platform?

A: For my senior project in college, they had us complete an assignment that encompassed all we had learned during our time in school. It was valued at two semesters worth of credits and I really wanted it to be something eternally impactful.I didn’t want to just do it, get the grade and graduate, never to do anything with the assignment ever again. I decided to interview six different women who I felt embodied very intentional and purposeful living in all different areas. One was a missionary in Uganda; another was a television broadcaster and another was a counsellor. I ended up getting a lot of great feedback from it from people saying they were encouraged. So I decided to continue on this mission of sharing these women’s stories even after the project finished. That’s how She Lives Purposefully was born – from this idea that the Lord has a purpose for us and for every season of our lives.

Q: Why was that message on purpose so important for you to share?

A: Ever since I started college and decided on my major in communications, I knew that God wanted me to use those skills for His glory. But it was actually a tragedy in my own life that got me thinking about what God’s purpose was in all seasons and in every situation we go through. In my late teens, we had a difficult family situation take place and it really shook my world to its core. I grew up in the church, and everything in my life up until then was pretty good. So when tragedy happened it shook my perception of the Lord and made me feel like, ‘The Lord is all powerful and all knowing so how come He would allow something like this to happen?’ I really struggled with questions like: Is the Lord really good? What is the purpose in any of this? It was a really hard time for me spiritually. I remember just crying every single day and I remember this one point, months later, I cried out to the Lord. It was a very pivotal moment where I was like, ‘God, you need to really show me, reveal yourself to me and help me because I just feel like giving up. I don’t know how to deal with this anymore on my own.’

How Megan turned a final class project into a ministry teaching women to find purpose in any situation

Q: How did you overcome that grief and learn to see the good in difficult situations?

A: Well, up until that point I was trying to grapple with everything on my own, when really I should have been depending on the Lord. The weekend after I prayed that prayer I went to a Christian retreat and we looked at 2 Corinthians 1, which talks about how God is the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our afflictions, so that we can comfort others in their affliction. It was a very powerful moment for me.

It sounds silly to say, but it felt like the words had lifted off the page and the Lord met me in that moment. Every ounce of anger and sadness just left. In an instant it was gone. It was almost as if the Lord was saying ‘There is a purpose for everything’. I realised the Lord never promised a good life to anybody. He never promised there wouldn’t be suffering. But He does promise to be a comforter. And He does promise that there’s purpose in these things.

That realisation altered my entire walk with the Lord. I was like, I have to spread this to everybody. I believe we need to live every single day so intentionally because we have one life to live and during my life I want to share this message.

How Megan turned a final class project into a ministry teaching women to find purpose in any situation

Q: What has been your biggest challenge in pursuing your purpose?

A: Comparison has been a huge struggle for me. I have to deliberately try to remember that we’re all on our own path and journey with the Lord – and whatever the Lord is doing with somebody else is theirs and what He’s doing with me is totally different. He has His own plan and purpose for my life, and the way that He wants to use me to glorify His Kingdom.

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