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Celebration Issue

Includes interviews with…. 

  • Chelsea Amber, a Canadian singer and songwriter who has devoted her musical career to sharing the goodness of God.
  • Carla Pratico, a woman who was saved in a bar on her 23rd birthday and went on to found She Roars, a community of contagiously fearless women building their businesses, ministries, and lives with God. 
  • Sonja Mitchell, a Christian fashion influencer using her passions to bring God glory. 

And many more…

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Sisterhood Issue

Includes interviews with:

  • Dr Christine Coleman, the founder of mental health charity Sol Sisters International.
  • Haha Hobson, blogger and founder of Transparency Ministries. 
  • Nicki Robinson, a coach and educator who found her own healing from a painful past and now helps other women do the same. 

And many more…

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Healing Issue

Includes interviews with…

  • Stefanie Rouse, a Christian influencer who shared about how she found healing in the arms of Jesus after a painful breakup.
  • Sarah Lara, a missionary in the Dominican Republic, playing a small part in the fight against human trafficking.
  • Dr Akua Boateng, a Christian therapist who shared mental wellness tips for women of faith.

And many more…

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Launch Issue

Includes interviews with:

  • Juliette Bush, author and founder of Brave by Faith Travel, a Christian retreat company offering excursions in far off places like Bali, Dubai and South Africa.
  • Agathe Holowatinc, a health coach, who had the courage and confidence to leave the corporate world and launch her own business.
  • Capri Astwood, who tragically lost both her parents to cancer and learnt to trust Jesus, no matter the circumstance.

And many more…

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