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Are you a

Spiritual Go-Getter?

  • You’re not just a girl who sits in the pew or worships hard on Sunday.
  • You believe that faith requires bold, intentional action.
  • You are courageous, spirit-led + ready to take the world by storm.
  • You know that NOW is the time to go out in confidence. To step bravely into entrepreneurship, the mission field or wherever God directs because there’s a call much greater than you on your life.
The Spiritual Go-Getter is a vibrant + diverse community of believers from around the world. We come from different backgrounds and have unique skills, talents and abilities. Still, we share a few common threads – a desire to honour God by not playing it safe or small with this ONE BEAUTIFUL LIFE we’ve been given. We wholeheartedly trust that with prayer, planning + passion we can live out the divine calling given to us by the Lord.

What If Your Faith

Was Bigger Than Your Fear?

Hey, I’m Nadia Laws

TSGG Founder

So, who is this girl behind The Spiritual Go-Getter you may ask. For starters, I’m Nadia Laws, a former journalist, an award-winning communications consultant, wife, mother and Christ-follower.

My hope is that through this community and our free quarterly digital magazine, I’ll get to share more about myself and my vision for TSGG.

Through my transparency I hope you’ll see I don’t have it all together nor do I know all the answers, but: I’m trying my best to trust God; to act in obedience; and follow the breadcrumbs He’s left, leading me to a more passion-filled and purpose-fuelled life.

I pray that we can go on this journey together – to create a life that truly shines for His glory.

How We Serve

& Support Women

Free Digital Magazine

Read our free digital magazine filled with inspiring stories about Christian women from around the world – using their businesses, ministries and platforms for God’s glory. Upcoming release dates:

May 2021

June 2021 

July 2021

August 2021

TSGG Society

Join our membership and become an official part of our tribe of women of faith, pursuing their passion and purpose. For just $37/ a month, you’ll get access to:

1) Monthly workshops to help you overcome limiting beliefs;

2) Exclusive live interviews with women of faith from around the world;

3) Weekly devotionals;

4) Challenges, Private Facebook Community & Much More…

1-1 Coaching Programme 

Looking to grow in confidence, ditch excuses and create the life God has destined for you? We offer four and eight session coaching packages for women looking to: 

Gain greater clarity on the negative stories you’re telling yourself – so you can finally stop believing the lies of the enemy and start believing in the special creation God made you to be; 

Make significant progress – as you move forward on your big dreams and desires and leave the excuses at the door;

Move beyond the past – as you identify what’s thing keeping you small or stuck and start to take big, bold action towards your dreams.

Are you ready? 


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